Thom Browne TB 20FW Ribbed Long Sleeve Shirt


Thom Browne TB 20FW Ribbed Long Sleeve Shirt

The original customized 250g piqué fabric, the front chest is open tube and the side tube is marked with ordinary shirts. The design is more secretive and the bottom of the tube is flat knitting. The back collar is the custom-made flat collar for flat knitting machines, which is flexible and does not deform. The three-color webbing on the sleeves is woven and dyed, the flat car is color-matched, and the white edge is not leaked. The horizontal stripes on the lower feet are tied to the sides, and the feet are covered with flat-car webbing. The body is not easily deformed. The design of the upper body with a short front and long back exceeds the three-dimensional effect.

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