LV 20FW Astrology Number Link Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover


LV 20FW Astrology Number Link Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover

Fixed woven and fixed dyed fabric, 40 double yarn 380g cotton wool sweater cloth, inner wool 40 1*1 460g roving, its thread color is deeper than the original fabric, and it is a dust-free process. After cleaning, cut into small pieces, custom embroidered appliques on the back, hand embroidery and imported Tajima embroidery. Machine embroidery (the most challenging thing is to print letters on the online counter, and use double-sided film for correction) and manually perform an alignment of 65 at a time letters to ensure it is printed on the embroidery thread, connect the dots to the linear embroidery technique to subtly link the number 1 to 65, and outline the larger LV logo texture pattern, and perform complex and delicate handicraft textures. Letters are manually aligned multiple times, all attachments are opened separately, numbers are aligned and printed, which is the top version. No need to worry about quality pressure.

Top Quality Replica

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