Gucci Down Jacket


Gucci Down Jacket

The Hong Kong counter purchased the zp operation. This is an ultra-complicated down jacket with a custom fabric cycle of up to 50 days. It is absolutely windproof and waterproof and can be drip-proof. It can be called a safe haven in winter, based on the fabric of the building. Laser jacquard, make the whole clothes more concave and convex and more three-dimensional. The 3D effect is more obvious, the hardware of the whole clothes is customized one by one by the original factory, and the customer provides GG jacquard fiber canvas nylon material with pure color dense nylon. It is made of splicing and has a very special texture. It belongs to the latest technological fabric. It is different from the general thick nylon. The charm of the lock velvet keeps warm is undoubted. It’s warm, balanced, and not bloated, perfect for warmth from the cold, detachable hood body, zipper snap closure, adjustable drawstring waist design, a lot of details, sleeve arms equipped with unique interlocking double G Striped detail.

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