Gucci 20SS Side Double G Reflective Webbing Trousers


Gucci 20SS Side Double G Reflective Webbing Trousers

Shanghai ZP 20400 purchased ZP today’s main fabric, custom-woven silk-covered cotton fabric, soft, delicate, and smooth. Sides are made of custom-woven sesame pattern webbing. The left and right symmetrical reflective strips are custom-woven elastic bands. Different from the market A full set of custom accessories, main label with the anti-counterfeiting chip, washing water label, customized ZP, consistent difference, market use ready-made accessories, the zipper pull is a bright color, open mold zipper pull trouser rope is custom-woven beige drawstring, inner pocket is made of 50 fabrics, complete hemming, and laborious Time-consuming, different from the market.
The length of the pants will change with the size, so there is no such thing as positioning and tailoring. However, all the sizes of the cabinet are the whole “G” logo. There is no half or irregularity. For the sake of beauty, our feet are all sizes.

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