Gucci 19Fw Green Mask Statement Print Long Sleeve Hooded Sweater


Washed milky white beige thick felt knitted cotton, custom-dyed fabric, 420 grams of 32 terry bottom. The garment is washed twice, the fabric is comfortable and skin-friendly, the pattern is soft and waxy. Imported water slurry + powder slurry is used to make a unique blue color. The printing adopts a precisely controlled hot melt glue mold. Changes in temperature directly affect the gloss and elasticity of offset printing. The precise offset printer body is smooth and delicate, with bright colors, open mold hanging electroplating and color electroplating hardware accessories, new active chips in the early autumn of 19th, RFID active tags, operating frequencies of 13.56MHz and 856MHz to 960MHz



XS, S, M, L, XL


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